Acupressure Points for Cough Relief

Cough Relief Acupressure Remedies have been searched a lot on the web, especially during the winters.

It is because, in winter, we tend to have phlegm filled lungs that not only block the windpipe but may also cause irritation in our throat, thereby making us cough more frequently.

Acupressure Points for Cough Relief

Why Does a Cough Happen?

A cough may be caused due to several conditions. While some are temporary, the others are permanent.

A] Clearing the Throat

A cough is a common way of clearing the throat.

When our airways are blocked with mucus or foreign particles like dust or smoke, our body makes a reflex reaction (cough) in an attempt to clear all those particles out of the way to let breathing easier and smoother.

Typically, this kind of coughing is not that frequent and will not last that long too.

B] Viruses and Bacteria

Respiratory tract issues like Cold or Flu are usually caused by viruses or bacteria and may last from a couple of days to a week.

This kind of coughing usually needs some medication and needed some time to go away.

C] Smoking

Just some common sense. Smoking does causes cough and in most cases it turns out to be chronic cough with a distinctive sound.

The best way to reduce coughing is to stop or limit your smoking habit.

D] Asthma

This condition is mostly seen in young children.

You can easily identify the asthmatic coughing as it involves wheezing along with cough.

Special medical care has to be taken to treat the coughing in these cases.

And, most children get cured of asthma as they get older.

E] Medicines

There are some medications that cause coughing as a side effect.

Luckily, the coughing stops when you stop the medication.

How to Stop a Cough with Acupressure?

Except in case of A (Clearing the Throat) and B (Virus/Bacteria), rest of the coughing conditions need a compulsory medical attention.

In case B, along with medication, you can practice acupressure techniques to get relief from cough in less time if not instantly.

And, in case A, you can straight away use these pressure point techniques to stop your cough almost instantly.

Best Acupressure Points for Cough Relief

Below are some of the most effective pressure points to stop or reduce coughing quickly. You don’t need to try all these points. Just pick 1 or 2 points of your choice and they would work just fine.

1.CV 22 (Heaven Rushing Out)

This is one of the most effective cough relief pressure points.

CV 22 & K27 Cough Pressure Points

Location: Large hollow in the base of the throat right under the Adam’s apple.

Benefits: Relieves dry cough, chest congestion, heartburn, sore throat, bronchitis.

Application: Apply firm pressure using your thumb and hold it for 1 to 2 minutes. Repeat this 3 to 4 times every day.

2.B 10 (Heavenly Pillars)

These points on your neck will help treat coughing effectively.

B10 Acupressure for Cough

Location: ½ inch right under the base of the skull, on the muscles situated ½ inch away from the spine

Benefits: Sore throats, stress, heaviness in the head, burnout, overexertion

Application: Sit in a relaxed position. Hold both the points with your fingers and massage them in a circular motion for 7 to 8 minutes. Repeat if necessary.

3.K27 (Elegant Mansion)

These 2 points above your chest help reduce coughing to a great extent in less time.

CV 22 & K27 Cough Pressure Points

Location: Hollow under the collarbone, just beside breastbone.

Benefits: Throat problems, coughing, thyroid issues, shoulder and neck pain etc…

Application: Place 2 fingers on this point and stimulate it for 5 minutes. Repeat it regularly for quick results.

4.Ding Chua (for Asthmatic Coughing)

This pressure point is used especially in case of stopping asthmatic coughing.

Ding Chuan for Asthma Cough

Location: Find the vertebra that protrudes on the top when you bend your neck.

Benefits: Reduces coughing, throat problems, thyroid imbalances, neck and shoulder problems

Application: Using your fingers, massage this point in circular motion for 2 to 3 minutes. Repeat if necessary.

5.LU 5 (Cubit Marsh)

This elbow point is very beneficial for curing heavy cough in most people.

LU 5 Cough Pressure Point

Location: When you fold your hand, this point can be located in the depression of the elbow right beside the bone of your hand.

Benefits: Dry cough, wet cough, asthma, fever, sore throat, water retention, chest congestion, elbow and arm pain.

Application: Hold the point with your fingers for couple of minutes while taking deep breaths. Repeat if necessary.

6.Stomach 36

ST 36 is another most popular pressure points for common ailments such as toothache, stress relief, digestion etc…

kneecap st36 stomach point

Location: You can find it on the front side of the leg between the leg muscle and shin bone..

Benefits: sore throat, cough, indigestion, stress, toothache etc…

Application: Apply firm pressure on this point for 2 to 3 minutes and release. Do it 2 to 3 times for better results.

That’s all friends! These are some of the most effective acupressure points for cough relief.

Try any of these techniques along with the following natural home remedy for quick relief from coughing.

Take a small piece of fresh ginger, peel the skin, cut into slices and place it on the back of your tongue (don’t chew) for 10 minutes. Replace it with a fresh slice as needed.

You can also make ginger tea which cures sore throat very effectively.

Hope, these tips will help you get relief from heavy cough easily and quickly.

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