Acupressure Points for Hair Growth | Reduce Hair Fall Problem

Acupressure Points for Hair Growth is considered very economical since it doesn’t involve any expenses as it is completely natural and most importantly, you’re free to practice these reflexology techniques anywhere and anytime.

Hair Fall is caused due to several reasons out of which the environmental factors, stress, poor diet and overuse of hair products are the major culprits.

Of-course, there are many anti-hair fall products in the market today, but do they help reduce hair fall and promote healthy hair growth? Well, if you’re reading this, then the answer is definitely NO, isn’t it?

In order to control hair loss and regrow new hair, it is highly advised to first know the reason behind it and first address it.

And only then, you can take the help of other techniques like Acupressure or Acupuncture to strengthen your new hair.

Note: There are no studies that prove Acupressure or Acupuncture can treat male pattern baldness. However, one study found that it can be used in treating Alopecia areata.

How Acupressure Helps in Hair Loss & Hair ReGrowth?

Acupressure massage techniques are linked with increased blood flow and improved blood circulation in the skin.

This helps stimulate hair follicles, nerves, and blood vessels so that your hair fall will stop first and then new hair will grow with additional treatment like right food and stress reduction exercises.

Acupressure Points to Reduce Hair Fall & Promote Hair Growth

First, please know that most of the pressure points that help in hair growth are located in the middle of the scalp which is known as ‘Paihui’.

1.Stimulate the Paihui Reflexology Point

Paihui Acupressure Point for Hair Growth

Wrap 10 toothpicks together with a rubber band and gently poke the ‘Paihui’ point without hurting yourself.

Doing so will help in improving your blood circulation, thereby reducing the excess hair fall.

2.Massage the Paihui Pressure Point

Massaging the Paihui Pressure Point

Gently massage your Paihui area with your right hand fingers in the vertical direction (starting from forehead to back of the scalp).

5 minute short massage of Paihui region everyday will help in healthy hair growth.

3.Head Massage to Reduce Stress & Relax Muscles

Acupressure Head Massage for Hair Growth

In a circular motion, massage your complete head with all your fingers also covering the Paihui point. This helps in relaxing your muscles and help in reducing stress, which is also one of the main reasons for hair fall.

4.Hairline Massage

Along the hairline towards your forehead, you’ll find many pressure points that help stimulate healthy hair growth.

Gently massage this area with your fingers to relieve from stress and you’ll notice new hair follicles sprouting up within a month’s time.

5.Head & Neck Pressure Point

This pressure point is also known as the ‘hollow point’. You can find this point just above the hairline, near the neck.

You’ll find a small hollow area when you feel your head.

Apply little pressure on this area with your thumb finger for at least 5 minutes. While releasing the finger, you’ll immediately notice a slight change in your body and mind, which is a sign that you’re doing it perfectly.

This acupressure point helps in stimulating hair growth very effectively.

6.Hollow Point to Middle of Scalp

Starting from the hollow point, draw an imaginary line to the middle of the scalp. This line serves as a good stimulation point for hair growth, just like the Paihui.

Gently massage this line using your finger for at least 3 to 4 minutes and experience the change yourself.

That’s the end of the list Friends.

You’ll find a lot of Acupressure points to stimulate hair growth on your scalp itself.

These reflexology techniques help in improving blood circulation and promote healthy hair.

However, you don’t have to follow all the techniques mentioned in this guide.

Just select the ones that you feel more comfortable, but practice the massage techniques everyday without fail for best results.

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