Acupressure Points for Sinus & Nasal Congestion (Runny/Stuffy Nose)

Nasal Congestion is an alias for stuffy nose, which is nothing but the blockage or swelling of nasal passages due to the membrane lining caused by inflamed blood vessels and as a result, the person faces difficulty in free inhalation and exhalation of air through the nose.

You can easily cure nasal congestion with acupressure points that don’t need any separate tools. Just sit in a comfortable position and stimulate those respective points to get relief from stuffy nose.

Symptoms of Nasal Congestion

Causes for Nasal Congestion

Most people think that cold or bad weather are the only causes for stuffy nose. But, there are some other causes for Sinus congestion, which include:

  • Sudden exposure to cold climates
  • Addicted to drugs and smoking
  • Allergies caused by dust, food, medication, smoke, pollution, pet hair etc…
  • Strong fragrances
  • Eating spicy foods
  • Influenza

There are several treatments to cure nasal congestion, but you can easily get rid of a stuffy nose or sinus problems with acupressure therapy.

Sinus Acupressure Points for Stuffy Nose or Nasal Congestion

#1.Nose Warmth

Nose Warmth Pressure Point for Stuffy Nose

Rub your hands together until you feel some warmth. Now, run the tip of your nose using the palm of your right hand in a circular motion for at least 20 times.

Do the same in the anticlockwise direction

Repeating this step multiple times (min 5) a day will help you reduce sinus congestion or nasal blockage without using any medicines.

#2.Thumb and Index Finger

hand points for headache

This pressure point is excellent for those with sinus problem or irritation and pain in the nose.

You can find this point between the thumb and the index finger. Press it hard and hold for 2 minutes.

P.S: Women who’re pregnant should avoid using this pressure point as it may lead to premature contractions in the uterus.

#3.Bridge of the Nose

Bridge of Nose Acupressure Point

This acupressure point helps in getting rid of runny or stuffy nose.

It is located on the bridge of the nose and below the eyebrows. Press both sides of the bridge of nose with your thumb fingertips for 5 minutes.

It helps with nasal congestion problem and if applied properly, you’ll easily get rid of the mucus in a very less time period.

#4.Nostril Point

Nostril Point for Stuffy Nose

The hollow space near your nostrils is a very important pressure point to get relief from nasal congestion.

Just apply the pressure on these points by closing each side of the nostril one after another with a few seconds gap. Repeat this step for at least 10 times per session and 2 to 3 time per day, depending up on the severity.

#5.Below the Cheekbone

Cheekbone Point for Nasal Congestion

On the edge of your nostrils, you can feel the cheek bone, which is also called nostril edge.

Applying pressure at this point on both sides for at least 4 minutes and massage in a circular motion. It will help treat sinus congestion easily. Do this several times a day until you feel that you’re getting free flow of air in your nostrils.

#6.Earlobe Point

Earlobe Acupressure to Get Relief from Runny Nose

This pressure point located on your earlobe will help you treat your runny nose.

Massage the earlobe point for a few minutes and repeat the same on the other side. Do this session multiple times a day for quick relief from nasal congestion.

#7.Third Eye Point

third eye point for headache

The third eye point can be found between the eyebrows or where the Indians apply bhindi on their forehead.

Apply mild pressure on this point with your two fingers and rub it for 2 minutes. It will not only help with runny/stuffy nose, but also helps you get relief from headache.


Collarbone Acupressure for Sinus Problems

This point is found in the hollow areas below your collarbone and above your upper breast bone.

Applying pressure on this point for 5 minutes will relieve you from sinus congestion and also boost your immune system.

Like we all know, prevention is always better than cure. These acupressure points for stuffy nose/nasal congestion not only work when you’ve the problem but will also prevent from getting one.

So, include acupressure therapy in your routine for a happy and healthy life.

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